Level 2 Retreat

Level 2 dives deep into challenging (yet accessible) physical and spiritual content. Level 2 Retreats require previous Yoga Integration® experience for a foundation for growth. Prerequisites include attendance of YI workshop, retreat, series, or home study from workbook.

Monday, 10am–5pm
Tuesday, 10am–5pm
Wednesday, 10am–9pm
Thursday, 10am–5pm
Friday, 10am–5pm

January 18-25. 2020


  • a boat and snorkeling trip to a nearby island,
  • transfers to local night markets for shopping,
  • and a beach and temple walk.
Potential for Transformation
Principles for Alignment
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Meet Your Hosts

Crystal Bricker
Crystal Bricker
Creator of Yoga Integration® , Crystal is a Certified Rolfer (TM), E-RYT 200, Birth Doula, and mother of 5. Crystal has been in the alternative healthcare field since 1999, and happily considers helping other people find balance in their bodies and lives her life’s work, with a focus on women’s health and making yoga accessible for Every Body.
Her passion lies with helping people “wake up” sleeping parts of the body and more than anything, connecting the body, mind and spirit.
As a mother of five, she considers herself a “birth warrior” fighting for autonomy in childbirth as well as women’s rights to be humans— making choices they need to for self and family— despite societal pressures.
Chloé Copeland
Chloé Copeland
Chloe, a 300-hr certified yoga teacher, has been committed to yoga through her own practice and teaching others of all ages for 17 years. Her teaching style blends the benefits of different yoga traditions, offering warm and passionately created classes that weave together universal heart themes with physical application. She enjoys leading kirtan and incorporating the tradition of Bhakti yoga, the path of love and devotion, into her classes. Additionally, Chloe holds certifications in Aerial Yoga, Children’s Yoga – RCYP Levels 1-2, YogaMinded-Yoga 4 Teens, Kirtan, and a Master’s Degree in Education. Her desire is to inspire her students, of all ages, to use the yoga practice as a tool to uncover the true nature of their being -that which is LOVE itself. Chloe is the creator and owner of Love Roots Yoga Shala.


Samahita is located on Koh Samui, lush and beautiful, with tropical jungles and white-sand beaches surrounded by a sapphire-blue sea. An island in the Gulf of Thailand, Samui is situated in a high-energy zone, which directly affects practices like yoga and meditation, and makes it an ideal place for positive transformation and growth.


Complimentary morning coffee and tea are out by 6:45am. Buffet items are available from 8:15am until 1:30pm and again in the evening from 6-8pm. We try to cater for a wide variety of diets, displaying all possible allergens, give raw and vegan options while also catering for those who like to eat fish and dairy. We make fresh juice daily in our own kitchen for the brunch buffet and offer homemade soy milk, coconut milk, cow milk, brown rice milk, and a homemade electrolyte drink. Fully available for both your taste buds and your cells when you stay at Samahita.


Private Room

Shared Loft

Semi Private Double room


Private Room $2225

Shared Loft $2150

Semi Private Double room $1999


Level 2 Retreats require previous Yoga Integration® experience for a foundation for growth. Inquire at to learn how you can qualify to enroll in this life-changing adventure.


Guests will be flying into Bangkok (DMK) and taking a short flight (~$125) or ferry to the island of Samui, lush and beautiful with white sand beaches surrounded by a sapphire-slue sea.

Typically about 2 months prior to travel, some people like to use Google Flight tracker to purchase tickets at a lower price as rates do fluctuate

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We require it to ensure a stress free time, as unexpected things happen (weather delays, illness etc) and it can make all the difference between a lovely experience, and a quite stressful one. The company you use is your choice of course but please note : insurance booked with the airline is typically not sufficient. This should be a individual (not group) travel policy.  We like General Travel Insurance, their toll-free phone number is 800-348-9505, also 800-318-0179, and 877-243-4135 Whether or not you decline this requirement you will assume full responsibility of any unexpected costs incurred during travel.