What is Yoga Integration®?

Do more of what you love and feel great

Yoga Integration® focuses on combining yoga – with precise alignment modifications – to build a foundation for movement with integrity. A Series approach to yoga asanas and self care exercises unwinds patterns in the connective tissue caused from physical or emotional injuries.

“A beginner or an experienced student will feel right at home in Crystal’s Yoga Integration Class. As a teacher, she connects with each student and is able to gently guide and support each participant. Crystal’s experience and inner guidance as a healer make this the best overall integrative yoga weekend I have ever experienced. I have taken this workshop several times and marvel at the “fine tuning” I receive each session. Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, this workshop is for you. Crystal’s structural knowledge of the anatomy of the body make every student feel like they are receiving individual instruction.”

“Crystal is Fabulous. Yoga teachers and bodyworkers and anyone interested in going deeper into somatic work and self-care will love her offering.”

“I suffer from chronic pain issues and recently attended Crystal’s Yoga Integration weekend workshop. It was absolutely the BEST weekend ever!!! I felt better than I had in a long time…pain free, relaxed and renewed. What a wonderful, wonderful feeling!”

“This was my first yoga retreat, I never did a lot of yoga before. We are in a beautiful environment, with very nice people… To start the day with a yoga class… you feel so good after that and you can approach your day in a different way. I hope to do another retreat and hope it will be as good as the first one. But that will be very difficult!”

“I can’t even sit cross-legged. I have no flexibility whatsoever. But this is the BEST thing to come to. Yoga Integration® helps you learn what areas you have to work on and target those areas for progress… It’s been very open, no judging. It’s laid back, relaxed, and honestly, it just feels really safe! Regardless how advanced your practice is or not, it’s great. I really enjoyed it.”

“The best thing that I have learned is relaxing and taking time for me. Slowing down… I hope to do another one soon! It will help me continue my practice and help with my overall well-being.”

“I needed something beyond going through the gym and going through life. I now have a better sense of what’s going on with the body at any given moment. It’s really important! This vacation has combined a need with something I already enjoy doing. There have been so many benefits for me.”